1 Day Workshop- Saturday 12 May 2018 – Street Photography, Glasgow, Scotland


Go beyond taking random snapshots of strangers in front of advertisements.  Gain insight, skills and confidence in creating meaningful work.  Conquer your fears and develop ways to achieve your goals.

A 1 day intensive street photography workshop in Glasgow.  Spend time learning new skills, honing existing ones, receiving tuition, creating a story, working towards a series, developing your vision and much more.  This workshop is about getting real results in real time.  Spending time critiquing, learning, developing and improving, talking shop and exploring the historic city of Glasgow.

One of the most useful parts of the day will be learning how to deal with people – strangers, officials, curious bystanders.

We will cover technicalities too – how to best set up your camera, how to zone focus etc.

when: 12 May 2018
participants: 10 max
fee includes: workshop guidance and tuition *personal travel expenses, other meals and lodgings not included


Typical Day

Meet early, we want to take advantage of early morning sun.  That’s some of the best light to work with.
Shoot then eat to gather our thoughts and energy and discuss what we have done.
After feedback and some guidance we will hit the streets again – this time with goals.
Lunch & Discussion.
More shooting, finessing of techniques, challenges and a project.
Discussion, feedback, critique and recap.

We will cover a lot of ground, so comfortable clothes, shoes, plenty of snacks and drinks to keep going.

You’ll be inspired to go out and shoot and be educated to get the results you want.

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